Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Double-Cross Feed Mix

Whitetail Institute Imperial Whitetail Double-Cross Feed Mix

Imperial Whitetail

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Imperial Whitetail Double-Cross An Unbeatable Combo of Annuals and Perennials


    Imperial Whitetail Double-Cross combines Imperial Whitetail Clover with Whitetail Institute annual brassicas. The result is an unbeatable combination of the best aspects of annual and perennial forages. It offers the best of both worlds. The perennial component of Double-Cross, Imperial Whitetail Clover, is the No. 1 food plot planting in the world, and the reason is no secret: Imperial Whitetail Clover contains the only clovers scientifically designed for food plots for whitetail deer. It’s highly attractive to deer as soon as it emerges, provides high levels of protein for deer year-round, is designed to last for years from one planting, and is cold, heat and drought tolerant.

    The annual component of Double-Cross is Whitetail Institute annual brassicas. As an annual component, the brassicas in Double- Cross grow quickly, produce huge amounts of early tonnage that become even sweeter with the first frosts of fall and provide additional critical food for deer during cold months.

    Many hunters and managers plant perennial and annual food plots for several reasons. A big one is attraction. All Whitetail Institute food plot products are highly attractive to deer, but even the best plantings can attract deer even better when they’re offered as an alternative with other forages to increase variety. Double-Cross lets you take advantage of that within the same food plot, and the Whitetail Institute has made it easy by ensuring the perennial and annual components of Double-Cross are already mixed in the precise ratios testing has shown to be optimum for attraction and forage growth.

    All the forage components in Double-Cross establish quickly, and they’re attractive to deer immediately. The brassicas in Double-Cross become sweeter with the first frost of fall, as do standard brassicas, but they are far more attractive than standard brassicas, often even in the early season before frosts arrive. Because they have been carefully selected to complement the already excellent early-season performance of Imperial Whitetail Clover, they boost early tonnage of the stand even more. And because they become even sweeter after frosts arrive, they can add even more late-season attraction to the plot. The Imperial Whitetail Clover and WINA brassicas in Double-Cross work together toward a common purpose: maximizing tonnage and attraction in the early and late seasons.

    Then in the spring after planting, the Imperial Whitetail Clover component in Double-Cross is one of the first things to green up, providing deer with a highly nutritious food source at a critical time, when they’re trying to recover winter health losses. As spring progresses and soil temperatures increase, the Imperial Whitetail Clover component flourishes and produces tons of highly digestible high-protein forage, which is crucial for antler development, body weight, fawn development and milk production.

    After the first fall and winter after planting Double-Cross, the stand is essentially all Imperial Whitetail Clover, which can last up to five years from one planting. If you want to re-establish the annual brassicas in the stand the next fall, that’s also easy. Just top-dress the stand with one 3-pound bag of Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens per acre.

    If you have been looking for a perennial blend with the proven performance of Imperial Whitetail Clover, plus the increased early and late season tonnage of brassicas, Double-Cross is the answer. It will attract and hold deer on your property, provide nutrition bucks need to grow bigger antlers and improve the overall quality of deer.

    Double-Cross should be planted in loamy, light clays to heavy soils. It’s available in two sizes: a 4-pound bag that will plant a half-acre, and an 18-pound bag that will plant 2-1/4 acres.

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