SECURE® no-bite 2 Day ZONE Weekender Tailgator™ Outdoor Spatial Repellent

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for at least 48 hours with our Weekender Tailgator™ on-the-go size

Get biters to “bug off” without harmful chemicals

Effective, easy-to-use outdoor protection

Simply Open • Combine and Shake Well • Hang

ZONE product provides a radius of 70 feet SECURE® no-bite mosquito protection for 48 hours.

One of the fundamental things that makes SECURE® no-bite Zone Outdoor Spatial Repellents different from topical repellents is that it creates a SECURE® no-bite ZONE of Protection to safeguard multiple people. It is simple to use.

Just Combine • Shake Well • Hang 20 feet away from the area you wAbsorbinant to protect. When activated, female mosquitoes (which only bite humans when pregnant) instinctively follow the CO2 Trail emitted by when the pouch is hung, not where you are hanging out. The mosquitoes become confused when they cannot blood feed, and revert to eating nectar, leaving people and pets bite-free. The SECURE® no-bite 2 Day ZONE Weekender Tailgator™ works continuously for 48 hours using natural airflow to passively emanate the active. Users don’t need to do anything except hang it in the space they want to protect. This product is pet friendly, child friendly and eco-friendly.

  • 48 Hours continuous protection from mosquitoes
  • Protects a radius of 70’ of outdoor space
  • Easy to use
  • Scent-free
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • Safe (when used as directed) for children, people, and pets
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Great for lawns, backyards, pools, campgrounds, vacation spot

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